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Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Acquisition Targets


Let DEAL DATA Take Your Deal Teams to Higher Grounds

Proprietary Multi-Dimensional M&A Database

Multi-dimensional database of company financials, historic M&A activity, and predictive indicators.

Target Data Snapshots / Packaged Data Sets

Quick-access company dashboard snapshots available within seconds not hours.

M&A Benchmarks

  • SG&A / Comps

  • Functional run-rate cost (e.g., IT, HR)

  • Labor model / org structure

  • One-time cost

Full Customer Experience Service

Fully tailored research products and services based on your research needs and available timeline.


DATA = Money 

Every Deal Pro knows that DATA provides deal teams an edge.

Faster access to high quality DATA can help your Deal teams with understanding Target EBITDA, valuation, and better position you for final deal negotiation.


Targeted DEAL DATA sets in the hands of your Deal Teams and Diligence Advisors can significantly improve early-stage speed and momentum.

As your teams progress from Diligence to the Sign-to-Close and beyond, DEAL DATA is here to help. 


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Companies Analyzed




In Deal Value Analyzed


Countries World Wide


Industry Focus Areas





M&A Activity

Functional Run-Rate Benchmarks

One-Time Cost Benchmarks


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