Our Mission

Provide M&A professionals value-add data at Deal Speed. Focus on the DATA so you can focus on the DEAL.

Our Story

We are a team of highly experienced former Big 4 M&A Advisors, Bankers, Corp Dev, and PE Deal Pros who put our minds and talents together to build DEAL DATA.


After spending 10+ years pulling, analyzing, and presenting data, we recognized a market need.


DEAL DATA provides our clients one-stop access to Deal-Focused company data sets while offering highly tailored research services. 

Our Strategy:

  • Culture: We value high performance teams that operate with integrity and professionalism at every level. Delivery quality, strong work ethic, and staff empowerment serve DEAL DATA's core.

  • Staffing: Lean teams of highly experienced Deal Pros. We value relevant M&A experience and staff capability over tenure.

  • Hiring/Retention: We target and reward high aptitude staff that take initiative and show willingness to outwork their peer group. 

  • Process: We streamline every business process possible to focus our time in core client service and data quality. Speed, accuracy, and efficiency is a direct result which we pass on to our clients.

  • Tech: We operate and serve our client using top of the line Tech including leading edge cloud-based software. This allows us to serve our clients faster while maintaining quality and security standards.


Average Staff Profile:

  • Deal Count: 50+

  • Years of M&A Experience: 10+

  • Education: MBA/MS; Ivy/Top 20 Public University

Experienced M&A Specialists



44 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005

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