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Proprietary Multi-Dimensional M&A Database

Multi-dimensional database of company financials, historic M&A activity, and predictive indicators tailored for Deal Teams, Corporate Development,  and M&A professionals.

Target Data Snapshots

Quick-access company dashboard snapshots available within seconds not hours.

M&A Benchmarks

  • SG&A / Comps

  • Functional run-rate cost (e.g., IT, HR)

  • Labor model / org structure

  • One-time cost

Full Customer Experience Service

Fully tailored research products and services based on your data and research needs. Our team works at Deal Speed and can run at your pace.

When DATA really counts

When data drives deal decisions and valuation it needs to be accurate and made available as soon as possible. Speed counts but data accuracy is a non-negotiable.


DEAL DATA offers both



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